To target the 0.1 ug/100cm2 legal standard choose the AccuMeth® meth residue kit (test 1 area, get 1 result) and/or the AccuMeth®4-Part meth test (sample 4 areas, get 1 averaged result).

0.1 is the standard for Montana, Tennessee, South Dakota, Idaho, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Nebraska, Kentucky, Alaska, Minnesota (production sites), HI; Colorado (0.2 screening) and Arkansas (0.05).

AccuMeth® instant methamphetamine detection tests are also great for non-regulated states to see if ANY meth contamination is present.  

Choose the AccuMeth® meth residue kit (test 1 area, get 1 result) and/or the AccuMeth®4-Part meth test (sample 4 areas, get 1 averaged result).

Buy an AccuMeth® Combo Pack: test 4 surface areas within the home for 1 averaged result; then sample the cold air return of the heat system separately for an additional result (heat systems concentrate residue). 

The oversight of clandestine drug lab assessment and remediation usually falls within the state or county health department.  For a listing of properties with meth related law enforcement activity visit the DEA Clandestine Drug Lab Registry website.  Also look here for your state's legal requirements and state specific methamphetamine production property listings.

Table of Contents

  1. Does a Meth Property Smell?
  2. Tool for Property Owners

1. Does a Meth House Smell?

Clandestine drug labs are found throughout the country. Methamphetamine is "cooked" in storage units, homes, hotel/motel rooms, apartments, boats, and mobile homes. After a drug laboratory bust, law enforcement and the DEA work to remove bulk chemicals and apparatus from the production site. However, residual contamination will likely remain because the hazardous chemicals that are used to make meth can cause contamination of porous surfaces, heating units and furnishings. In many cases, new occupants moving into former drug labs are unaware of the problem. 

Methamphetamine smells heavy and sickeningly sweet.  Once you smell it, you likely won't forget it. The residual smell has been compared to nail polish remover (acetone), burning plastic, dead animals (stays in your nose), rotten eggs and of course, cat urine.  The smell differs because there are several different methods to cook meth each using different hazardous chemicals.  Please note:  meth production or meth use doesn’t always leave smells behind. It depends on the type of cook, duration, amount of cooking or meth use, and property ventilation. 

Can you see meth residue?  You may witness dark red phosphorous stains in the toilets, sinks, bathtubs, or red staining on the counters, walls and floors.  You may also may also see signs of chemical burns and spills. 

The only way to know if a home is contaminated is to test; stains and smells are not always evident!

2. What are Meth Screenings? 

Meth “screenings” are often performed to gain information regarding potential meth residue contamination at the property.  These screenings are not governed by most state's clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination regulations. Screenings are helpful in properties with no known background of use as a methamphetamine production laboratory or to test for meth use.  AccuMeth® is a critical tool for protecting home buyers, realtors, sellers and renters from liability.  

It is the landlord’s responsibility to lease a property free of hazards, AccuMeth® brand kits can be used to test for meth prior to and between tenants. AccuMeth® brand kits are also useful to law enforcement and social service personnel to establish home health. Children are most susceptible to health risks associated with meth production because their metabolisms are higher, they tend play on the floor and they have hand-to-mouth behavior. Many states now have Drug Endangered Children Programs that offer assistance for high risk children in drug exposed environments. See Meth Lab Cleanup Company's corporate website for regulations specific to your state.  Please note, although not all states are currently regulated, many cities and counties now have their own ordinances.

The focus of any testing event should be getting timely, reliable results in the most cost-effective manner. It is also important to recognize that a visual assessment of a suspect property will not suffice.  There may not be a notable smell and you cannot see meth contamination. What you need is a field test kit that will tell you whether or not your property is contaminated: AccuMeth®.  Test for meth with a kit that has been proven to give accurate results.

Instruction videos are available for all AccuMeth® brand kits on Meth Lab Cleanup Company's YouTube and Vimeo Channels. 

Buy in bulk! AccuMeth® brand kits come in 5-packs, 10-packs and 20-packs.